Pollock's Hardware Co-op

An article in the Sou-wester, written by Janine Legal

There’s a little store down the street that’s got everything from wood glue and key locks to garden gloves and paint.

It takes me back to another time on every visit and there’s a real comfort being there, like family, like community. I’m pretty sure I saw an entire shelf of Watkin’s products the last time I stopped in. My partner calls it convenient and friendly and says it beats having to get into the truck to drive around the city looking for one or two items.

Pollock’s Hardware Co-op, a North End institution which was saved by its customers and area residents in 2008, has been doing well so the search for an under-serviced neighbourhood began.

"Initially, there were ideas of opening up in Wolseley," said Sara Tereck, Pollock’s employee and member of the co-op. "But rent was so much and, unfortunately, there was nothing available. There was a space opening up in South Osborne. We held a community consultation at Riverview Community Centre, which only reassured the store’s opening, and that’s how it happened: the people in the immediate community voted it in."

Located at the corner of Osborne and Morley Avenue, the small store, about a quarter of the size of the original Main Street store, has grown since first opening its doors on Nov. 1, 2013.

"When customers walk in, it’s amazing to watch their reaction, like they weren’t expecting to see that much packed into such a small space," Tereck explains.

Many of the regular customers are from the South Osborne area but others come in from neighbouring areas. Most people are looking for an alternative to the big box stores, and the personal touch of a small hardware store leaves them feeling nostalgic. The store is owned by the community, and that’s evident in some of the special events associated with it. A very successful plant swap was held where people came around, met their neighbours and exchanged their overgrown perennials or abundant houseplants.

The store stocks a little bit of everything, including plumbing, electrical, miscellaneous hardware, housewares, garden supplies, Sage Garden seeds, and it also has a full Benjamin Moore paint service and loads of paint.

It just makes me want to take a little walk down the street, pick up a few supplies and start on another home project.  

It’s that time of year, isn’t it?

More information can be found at: www.pollockshardwarecoop.com/pages/south-osborne or visit the Facebook page: Pollock’s Hardware Co-op South Osborne.  


Article written by Janine Legal,  a community correspondent for South Osborne.
Posted: 09/8/2015

Written by Sara Tereck — September 23, 2015

Welcome To Pollock's Hardware Co-op

Pollock's Hardware Co-op is one of Winnipeg's oldest and coolest hardware stores! Established in 1922 we are one of the few independent hardware stores to make it through the boom of big box stores. While thriving in the North End we are committed to staying true to our community, our members and Winnipeg. To add to that we partnered with Build and MGR and with that are now proud owners Winnipeg's first Social Enterprise Centre. The S.E.C. is making a huge impact on Winnipeg as it is promoting and providing space for many of Winnipeg's social enterprises. Pollock's Hardware Co-op is all about community, tradition, and staying true to the word of small independent businesses. Big box stores have nothing on the little hardware store that could! We now have a 3rd location in South Osborne as well! You would be amazed at how much product we squeezed in to that place! Like a mini version of our North End store you would think it was there forever! A must see! A big giant thank you to all our members, share holders, our awesome board and devoted employees.... we wouldn't be here with out you!

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