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We are now accepting Compact Fluorescent Lights and Tubes to be recycled at Pollock's Hardware Co-op.

Drop off you'r CFL's and/or tubes any time during business hours. Its free of charge!

Maximum limit for return at one time is 16 CFLs or fluorescent tubes or a combination of types.

"This program is operated by Product Care Association on behalf of paint manufacturers and retailers in Manitoba in response to the provincial Household Hazardous Material and Prescribed Material Stewardship Regulation.

Phase One of the Manitoba Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program launched on May 1 , 2012 with household paint (and paint aerosols) and fluorescent lights accepted for recycling across the province. The full Manitoba HHW program will expand later in 2012 (Phase Two) with more household hazardous waste materials accepted for recycling.

Thank you for doing your part to protect the environment!" -http://www.productcare.org/Manitoba

(Residential-use only please)

Please follow the link for more info on recycling you'r CFL's:  http://www.productcare.org/manitoba-accepted-products-lights

Thank you for doing you'r part to keep our environment clean!

Written by Allison Slessor — June 14, 2012

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Welcome To Pollock's Hardware Co-op

Pollock's Hardware Co-op is one of Winnipeg's oldest and coolest hardware stores! Established in 1922 we are one of the few independent hardware stores to make it through the boom of big box stores. While thriving in the North End we are committed to staying true to our community, our members and Winnipeg. To add to that we partnered with Build and MGR and with that are now proud owners Winnipeg's first Social Enterprise Centre. The S.E.C. is making a huge impact on Winnipeg as it is promoting and providing space for many of Winnipeg's social enterprises. Pollock's Hardware Co-op is all about community, tradition, and staying true to the word of small independent businesses. Big box stores have nothing on the little hardware store that could! We now have a 3rd location in South Osborne as well! You would be amazed at how much product we squeezed in to that place! Like a mini version of our North End store you would think it was there forever! A must see! A big giant thank you to all our members, share holders, our awesome board and devoted employees.... we wouldn't be here with out you!