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What a turn out!  A big thank you to all who came out to our Social Enterprise Centre's grand opening!! 

Below I have posted several pictures of the grand opening, please take a look!

The first set of pictures is of the speeches and the big thank you's that took place that day.  There are also a few photos that I took while doing a walk through on the 2nd floor.  You will notice many familiar faces and see the great crowd of people who came in support of this event! Thank's again to you all for coming out and celebrating with us!  There are also a few photos that I took while doing a walk through on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately the photos didn't all turn out that well so I am missing a few that I would have loved to have shared with you all, but I will make up for that in another post on another day. 

The next set of photos are of many pieces of art created that day.  There was an art table set up with many blank canvases made from scrap cuttings from various BUILD jobs.  Through out the day guests, visitors and workers of the social enterprise centre took a moment to create there own piece of art!  All of these little pieces will be put together to create one great mosaic!! Great idea guys! I can't wait to see the end result!

The last set of photos are of the Pollocks Hardware Co-op warehouse and its great progress!  My favourite one is the one I like to call 'around the water cooler'  its the one where everyone is standing around the new water saving toilet display chatting. :) 


Click 'view all images' to view all the photo's and more (one by one or all together) through our photobucket.

Written by Allison Slessor — June 01, 2012

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Welcome To Pollock's Hardware Co-op

Pollock's Hardware Co-op is one of Winnipeg's oldest and coolest hardware stores. Established in 1922 we are one of the few independent hardware stores to make it through the boom of big box retail. While thriving in the North End we are committed to staying true to our community, our members, Winnipeg and beyond. Big box stores have nothing on the little hardware store that could! A big giant thank you to all our members, shareholders, our awesome board and devoted staff.... we wouldn't be here without you!